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Thursday, July 30, 2009

FREE Startup Princess Event

Let’s face it… times are a just a bit tougher these days. And trying to run a business (especially a startup) can be a little discouraging. But never fear, Startup Princess is here!

Please join the Orange County Chapter of Startup Princess on Tuesday, August 4th for that end-of-summer pep talk you’ve been needing to hear! The inspiring Shay Olivarria will be speaking & working with us on goal setting & motivation… teaching you to “Think Bigger Than Your Block.” Come ready to be motivated & uplifted as Shay, a long-time professional speaker, encourages us “to believe in yourself and take the time always to put your best foot forward.”

It’s been six months since the last FREE event & Startup Princess thought it was time to offer another, as a thank you to our loyal members, & hoping to encourage a few “new” Startup Princesses to join the fun! Don’t miss out because there will be plenty of time for networking and awesome giveaways including a free ticket to Touchpoint in SLC, the Startup Princess annual conference held September 11th!

As always, please, feel free to pass this invite along to any women you feel might be interested in participating in our OC Startup Startup Princess. & Don’t forget to bring along pleny of business cards to pass along!

For more detail & to RSVP, go HERE.

xoxo, K


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