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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Find: Taga Bike

Have you ever noticed that some of the best things come from Europe? THIS new-to-me-bike, is no exception. (On a side note, what is it exactly? Is it a bike, or is it a stroller? Although, my boys would probably say it's a "transformer" seeing as it can "transform" from a bike to a stroller! How cool is that!) Anyway, the Taga has been all the rage in Europe the last few years & I am so excited because it is finally going to be available here in the states. Wahoo!

Don't you think it would be perfect for long bike rides along the Newport & Huntington Beach boardwalk this summer? It's definitely going to the tip-top of my wishlist.

xoxo, K

p.s. Curious about the bike-to-stroller transformation? Watch THIS video. It's dang cool. I've already watched the video about a dozen times. I can't believe how quick & easy the bike-stroller transformation is!

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Anonymous said...

Neat idea but $1,500 is steep.

Anonymous said...

I saw that these have a base price of $2,500...Yikes! Too rich for my blood. I'll stick to a bike and bike trailer.

Just Spotted said...

a price tag of $1495, it is definitely something i’ll have to budget for. although, when you think about it – buying a nice double stroller (like my personal favorite, phil & teds’ dash), a bike & a bike trailer, makes $1495 seem like a steal. do you think my hubby will buy that logic?

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