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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

12 for Tuesday: Legoland Tips & Tricks

1. Looking to get the most "bang for your buck?" Visit Legoland for multiple days. Until May 20th, 2010 you can gain admission to Legoland for 5 days, all for the price of a 1 Day Hopper Ticket. That's right, the same amount you pay for a 1 day hopper ticket can get you in for up to 5 consecutive days - that's quite a deal! (Check out the 5 days for the Price of 1 offer & many more HERE.) Don't worry if you won't be able to make it to Legolandbefore May 20th, 2010 because every day of the year you can upgrade any 1-day ticket to a 2-day ticket for just $15. Just stop by the Guest Services BEFORE you leave the park on the first day your ticket is used. (Second visit must be within 9 days.) You can also upgrade to a "membership," if you like as well.
2. Be sure to catch the newest flick to grace the silver screens at Legoland... Clutch Powers 4-D. (My boys can't stop talking about it. Clutch is their new idol, that's for sure.)
3. If you do watch a movie (any movie) at the LEGO Show Place, make sure your child's 4-D glasses are tight fitting. The glasses are adult size & some pairs fit very loosely - you want your child to be able to wear the glasses, without them (or more likely you) having to hold the glasses up to their face the entire show. Trust me, the fit of the glasses can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your child (& your) viewing experience.
4. Have a budding builder? Be sure to stop by the Lego Club House in Fun Town where you can buy Legos by the pound.
5. More than likely you will be taking young children to Legoland(it is geared for 2-12 year olds)... please be aware that many of the rides have height restrictions. This means that for many of the rides rides, children must be at least 48" tall to ride alone (if they are shorter than 48", often times the child must ride with an adult). I point this out, simply so you are aware. If you are attending Legoland with multiple young children, I'd suggest having one adult per child. I know it probably sounds extreme, but let's just say I'm talking from experience here. Let's just say I was surprised (& disappointed) when I realized that with a group of 7 children (one of which was 10 years old & another an infant) & 3 adults, we were unable to ride most of the rides. (To check out the height requirements for all the attractions go HERE.)
6. On a hot day, be sure to bring the swimsuits - there's plenty of ways to cool off. Even the littlest guests will enjoy getting wet on the Swabbies Deck.
7. When you are tired of rides, or just need a place to let your children "run free", check out some of these Legoland Play areas: Playtown & the Musical Fountain in Explore Village, The Hideaways in Castle Hill, Adventurer's Club & Lego Factory Tour in Fun Town,
8. Sometimes it's hard for kids to be surrounded by some many Legos... all they want to do is build. Stop by the DUPLO play place in the Imagination Zone. It's a "free-play" opprotunity for younger children with tens of thousands of Lego DUPLO bricks just waiting to be played with.
9. Looking for activities for older children? Check out these attractions:The Hideaways in Castle Hill, XBox Family Gamespace & Lego Mindstorms Robotics & Build and Test in the Imagination Zone.
10. While I'm sure there are lots of tasty offerings to be found throughout Legoland, we were thrilled to stumble across the restaurants in Fun Town. There was definitely something for everyone: hamburgers, hot dogs, Asian stir fry, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, a full salad bar & churros to die for!
11. If you've never had a Legoland pass, & you are a caregiver (Moms, Dad, Grandparents or other Caregiver) with children 4-years of age & under you can purchase a Model Mom Club membership for just $77. The pass is valid only on Thursdays, but it includes FREE parking, tons of discounts & Legoland offers a weekly activity group meet-up every Thursday, if you are interested (think Stroller Strides Fitness Walks, etc).
12. If you are going to Legoland on a super busy day, you can take advantage of their Premium Play Pass, otherwise known as a front of the line pass. Although pricey ($150 for adults & $130 for children), the pass includes one-day admission to Legoland, front-of-the-line privileges & reserved seating for shows. Premium Play Passes are available in a limited quantity, on a first-come, first-served basis at the outside Guest Services window.

xoxo, K

Legoland provided entrance passes for K. No compensation, of any kind, was received for this post & the opinions represented are 100% those of Just Spotted.


Allison said...

Saw you mention this post on FB so I came to check it out because we were planning to take our first trip to Legoland next month.

Glad I read it because I have 3 kids under 48 inches and I'm thinking now we shouldn't go. My husband doesn't even want to ride anything, I just convinced him to go and watch the kids have fun. At Disneyland there is a ton I can ride with them without another adult.


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