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Monday, January 18, 2010

mini ART WEEKEND-LA: Feb 19 & 20

I have to admit, I almost didn't share this one with you. But, I am just so excited about the mini ART WEEKEND coming to Los Angeles, that I just couldn't keep it to myself...

I have been wanting to take one of Nicole's classes for ages, & now that she'll be practically in my own backyard, I don't have any excuses. That's right, Nicole Hill Gerulat, Mike Loveland & Alma Loveland are teaming up to bring you an incredible 2-day weekend jam-packed & completely full of absolutely amazing art classes, Friday February 19th & Saturday February 20th at the Sheraton in Downtown LA. The best part? Their "a la carte system and tiered pricing make the classes more affordable to you! Each class is two hours, giving you enough time to learn the basics and more opportunity to take multiple classes." (Honestly! This is an incredible deal! Classes start at just $45 & depending on the number of classes you take, go all the way down to $31 per class!)

They are literally covering all the basics. The class offerings include: Photo 101 basics, Commercial Photography, Studio Lighting, Photoshop 101, Photoshop Actions, Digital Workflow for Photographers, Illustrator 101, Illustrator: Pretty Paper Products, Illustrator: Making a Pattern, Screenprinting, an all day Photo 101 "Crash Course" & Private Portfolio Reviews and Instruction.

For more information, including a detailed class description, schedule of classes, & price/ discount breakdown go HERE. Ready to sign up? Go HERE. C & I are definitely going. The only question is... are you?

xoxo, K
image via Nicole's Classes


e said...

I am all signed up for classes on friday and saturday! I can't wait. It will be a girls' weekend (I am going with a few friends) with a purpose! love it.

Jenny said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing, this is just what I am looking for!!

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