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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kogi BBQ & Dippin' Dots, Together at Last!

Seriously folks, this one is like the perfect storm. Two of our all-time favorites are coming together for one amazing night! Mark your calendars, hire a baby sitter (unless of course your kids don't mind staying up super late & possibly standing in what could be a very long line) & get ready to party with Kogi BBQ & Fountain Valley Dippin' Dots. That's right! The Kogi BBQ that everyone has been raving about (including C, read about her experience HERE) will be setting up camp at the Fountain Valley Dippin' Dots from 10:30 pm - Midnight, THIS Saturday, January 23rd. All I can say is YUM! YUM! YUM! This is one of those "have your cake & eat it too" moments... an incredible dinner (or at least a very late night snack) experience & "the ice cream of the future." Honestly, I would (& have) gone out of my way for BOTH of these yummy treats. But, for one night only, these two delicious delectables are teaming up to create the perfect storm. Seriously, who can turn that down?

Just so you're prepared, here are some tips from C:
1. Arrive early if you are serious about getting food because they do run out
2. Don't come if you are in a hurry
3. Come with a fun group of friends to make the time in line go faster
4. Be nice because I have never seen happier people running a taco truck
5. Keep track of the truck on Twitter because they will let you know if they are running late
6. Bring Cash

So you don't forget...
What: Kogi BBQ at Fountain Valley Dippin' Dots
When: Saturday, January 23rd, 10:30 pm - Midnight
Where: 18011 Newhope St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

xoxo, K


Tanya Salcido said...

I love Dots and Kogi! I'm so excited that the two are joining forces!

Is it Sat. night yet?! :)

Hilton Anahiem - Hollie Eisenman said...

Sounds amazingly scrumptious! What a duo!

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