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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

12 for Tuesday: Yummy Cold Treats

Here's a dozen places to get yummy cold treats to survive this heat wave!

1. Sno on the Go
2. Han's Ice Cream
3. Gelato Paradiso
4. Dippin' Dots
5. The infamous Dole Whip
6. A Balboa Bar from Dad's
7. Golden Spoon
8. Mochilato
9. Pinkberry or Yogurtland
10. A Shake at Watson's
11. Joe's Italian Ice
12. Archie's Ice cream


Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

I love your 12 for Tuesday lists! They rock.. I have to try sno on the go. I'm heading out to South OC today and can't wait to try this out! Yummy!

Letti said...

Dole whips are the best!

Lin said...

I'm going to be at Disneyland this Friday & Im definetly trying one of the Dole Whips. I cant believe I've never tried one!

And, I'm a huge Yogurtland junkie! I love filling up my cup with strawberry/bannana yogurt & tons of fresh fruit :)

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