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Monday, August 31, 2009

$1 ish Movie Theaters in Orange County

We've posted about dollar movies before, but this heat wave we're experiencing has us searching for cheap, indoor activities. Movies are definitely at the top of that list! So grab the kids, pack a few snacks & check out these Orange County $1 (& otherwise really cheap) Movie Theaters...

Anaheim's Brookhurst 4: 2299 W. Ball Rd., Anahtm, CA 92804. For movie listings go HERE. Matinees are $2 & evenings are $2.50.

Irvine's Starplex Cinema: 4626 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604. For movie listings call (949)733-0980, or go HERE. All shows are $2, & all shows on Tuesdays are just $1.

Huntington Beach's Regency Theater: 7822 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92647. For movie listing call (714)596-3456, or go HERE. All shows are just $3.

La Mirada's Starplex Cinema: 15296 Rosecrans Ave., La Mirada, CA 90638. For movie listings call (714)739-1010, or go HERE. All shows after are $2, & all shows on Tuesdays are just $1.

Santa Ana's Picture Show at Mainplace: 2800 N. Main St., Suite 999, Santa Ana, CA 92705. For Movie listings call (714)836-7469, or go HERE. Cost is $1.75 all day, & just $1 on Tuesdays.

& Just in case you are more of a "visual" person, here's a handy map detailing all of the theater locations...

View $1 ish Movie Theaters in Orange County in a larger map

xoxo, K


Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

the dollar movie theaters are a must in this weather! We love the one at the Santa Ana mall.

Have you checked out Cinema City in Anaheim Hills.. not really a dollar movie house - since they run first run movies ,but they do $4 before noon and $5 before 6pm. Can't beat that for first run movies!

Dandy said...

We just spent $17 at a matinee the other day!

Thanks so much!

Lin said...

omg...the Brookhurst Theater is open again? I thought for sure they had closed it down for good, guess they were just remodeling.

We used to go here all time when we broke, bored & it was hot outside. Not the fanciest of places but you get what you pay for. Thanks for the info!

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