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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disneyland: Staying Cool

image via Disney

We love Disneyland, but the summer heat and long lines can test even the most faithful of Disney fans. Here are a few places at Disneyland to stay cool and make the most of a Disneyland trip this summer:

1) Tiki Room (and pick up a Dole Whip)
2) Pirates of the Carribean
3) Blue Bayou
4) Space Mountain
5) Splash Mountain


Just Spotted said...

i love your picks C! My only Disneyland additions would be:
1. Buzz Lightyear
2. Playing with the "water ball" feature in front of Space Mountain - when it's hot outside, my kids LOVE that thing.
3. Indiana Jones (waiting in that "cave" is surprisingly cool)
4. Haunted Mansion (when you walk in & that blast of cool air hits you, it's heaven)
5. "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movie
6. Riding the Monorail

We also have a few favorites over at Disney California Adventure when it's hot:

1. The water features just outside & the ones inside a Bug's Land are a MUST. (I've been known to put the kiddos in their swimsuits, bring a change of clothes, & hit nothing but those water features.)
2. Pick up a milkshake at the Sam Andreas Shakes.
3. Soarin' Over California
3. Grzzly River Run (of course!)
4. Tower of Terror
5. The musical Spectacular: Aladdin (45 minutes of nice & cool air conditioning!)

xoxo, K

Aracely said...

Great list! I would also add for DCA- hanging out in the animation building and participating in Turtle Talk or Animation Academy. I also like doing thePlayhouse Disney show- nice and cool!!

Katie said...

Another addition for DCA - we saw the Muppets show for the first time a couple of weeks ago(shocking,since we go once a week!) and that was nicely cooled also. The kids loved it!

Katie said...

Just found a couple new ones at DCA yesterday! I'm off to go write a blog post about them now but they are the Bakery tour and the Mission Tortilla Tour. Very cool (literally and figuratively!).

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