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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting to Know: Jenny & Picky Palate

Okay, so I'm the first the admit that I'm definitely not a gourmet cook by any means. But I do LOVE to eat. & You'll probably think I'm crazy, but cooks books totally intimidate me. I know, it sounds crazy... on one hand I love cook books. The possibility of a new recipe, the promise of a yummy meal. But then, on the other hand, they totally scare me - I'm terrible at reading cook books & actually picking out recipes, it's just too much for me to handle. I think that's why I have this obsession with food & recipe blogs. I love the pictures, I love the little side notes... it's kinda like getting a "tried and true" recipe from a friend. One of my all time favorite food bloggers is Orange County newbie Jenny, of the Picky Palate - where she "dresses up simple, family friendly recipes for even your pickiest eaters". We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jenny & thought you'd love getting to know another local Orange County blogger...

Just Spotted: What's a normal day like for you?
Jenny: A normal day for me consists of getting up around 7am, feeding the boys breakfast and getting my Kindergartner ready for school by 9am. My 3 year old and I run errands during the day, usually bake something and get dinner ready. After school, the boys and I run around outside then come in for bath time, dinner, story time then bed! That's it in a nutshell.

Just Spotted: What's the best advice you've ever received?
Jenny: Hmm, the best advice I've ever received would probably be the basic, treat others how you would like to be treated. And also laugh a lot!

Just Spotted: What is your favorite time of day?
Jenny: My favorite time of day is probably first thing in the morning. I love opening all the windows to let the sunshine in. It's also the time of day when I am most motivated to get things done.

Just Spotted:
One product you can't live without?
Jenny: PASTA, we have it all the time.

Just Spotted: How do you find time for yourself? Favorite treat or indulgence?
Jenny: I have found that it is so important to find time for yourself. One of my favorite things to do for myself is yoga on a regular basis. Working on my blog is also a great outlet for me, I love to see my posts come together.

Just Spotted: What was the inspiration for Picky Palate? How did you get started?
Jenny: The inspiration for Picky Palate was my children. I wanted to help other busy families out there with new creative dinner ideas who had picky eaters like I did. I started my blog October 2007 and knew nothing about blogging. I just dug right in and have learned so much along the way.

Just Spotted: Do you have a favorite post?
Jenny: It's funny because I feel like I cook better than I bake, but my dessert posts are my favorite. I think because they are much prettier to look at.

Just Spotted: What's your biggest challenge as a parent?
Jenny: Trying to juggle everything I want to do in life and still be a good mom. I work on it everyday!

Just Spotted: Do you have any favorite blogs you visit?
Jenny: Yes, all those on my blogroll.

Just Spotted: Do you have a favorite or best blogging moment?
Jenny: There are many, but I'd say being able to talk on the phone with Wolfgang Puck was really cool.

Just Spotted: Do you have a favorite OC family friendly activity?
Jenny: We have LOVED going to the beaches almost every weekend. I can't get enough of the Corona Del Mar Beach, it is really beautiful.

Just Spotted: Favorite OC restaurant?
Jenny: I am still working on this one. Haven't had much time to visit really good restaurants yet. Any suggestions?

Just Spotted: What do you like/ love about living in the OC?
Jenny: Definitely the beauty of the area. The AZ desert is nice in it's own way, but the OC is gorgeous.

Just Spotted: Any favorite OC sites we should all be reading?
Jenny: I just found this great blog called Daytripping Mom and she talks about great things to do in Southern California with your family. I am so excited to take a bunch of her tips!

Just Spotted: Favorite OC tips? Businesses? Shops?
Jenny: We are loving Sprinkles right now, especially since it's right down the street. Having Fashion Island so close is great too.

Just Spotted: Favorite Recipe?
Jenny: Hmmm, that's a tough one. I'll go with my latest Food Network recipe "Caramelized Banana Bread Drop Doughnuts." They are so good.

Just Spotted: Any advice for other "newbie" OC moms?
Jenny: I'm still taking advice from everyone else, so I would say...ask A LOT of questions!

Just Spotted: What has surprised you most about living in the OC?
Jenny: How much more time we are spending outside. If I could just convince the rest of my family to join us here, It'd be perfect!

Thanks Jenny for letting us get to know you better. As always, it's fun getting to know the "real" gal behind the blog. For all of you looking to "
dress up simple, family friendly recipes for even your pickiest eaters" be sure to check out Jenny's Picky Palate.

xoxo, K


Aracely said...

I love love Picky Palate. Thanks for highlighting Jenny and being able to learn more about her. I'm beyond flattered she likes my blog!!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much ladies!! Hope you have a great day!!

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