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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hoos'gow Day

Don't forget tomorrow from 9-4 is Hoo'sgow day and there is no get out of jail free card when it comes to downtown San Juan Capistrano. Volunteers dress-up in western wear and put you in jail if you are not in western attire. The proceeds from this lively tradition go to fund the parade. Here are details from the official site of the parade:

Hoos’gow Day is a San Juan tradition! Bringing a taste of the Wild, Wild West back to San Juan Capistrano, the “Sheriff” and “Deputies” of the Fiesta Association dressed in their traditional black and white western wear roam the city in search of city slickers. If you’re not wearing western wear watch out – you might just be roped into the fun! The Deputies “arrest” anyone not dressed in western attire, or any man who is clean-shaven

However, the rules often change to suit the sheriff or his over- zealous deputies out to fill the jail. There’s plenty of wild western whooping and hollering’ going on as gunslingers fill the streets shooting in celebration. (Don’t worry; our gunslingers are all friendly, OC Sheriff approved, and only shooting blanks). The penalty for noncompliance is being thrown into the hoos’gow. Jail sentences are short for those who can make “bail” by purchasing a Fiesta Association souvenir. “Bail” money is used to defray the costs of the parade.
For more information call (949) 493-1976.

xoxo, C


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