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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creative Invites=Party Success

The best parties I have attended have had amazing invites by hosts that "think out of the box." For example, last year I was invited to the most creative Halloween party ever and it all started with the invite created by Tammy of My Life in Pictures.   A decorated bag was dropped off on my doorstep and I opened it with excitement.  The contents continued to intrigue me because there was a note from the host telling us what we were in store for that spooky evening of "old haunted hollywood.".  The best part was how the details of the evening were written on a real clapboard.  I was already excited for the party and all I had was the invite.  For more ideas on how to create memorable invites go to My Life in Pictures because Tammy has tons of party ideas for invites and decor.

xoxo, C


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