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Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Loves: Mail

I love getting mail.  Holiday cards, baby announcements, handwritten letters, and wedding invitations make my heart swell with happiness.  Even better than receiving is sending mail, so our annual family V-Day tradition is decorating mailboxes for everyone in the family, so we can send one another Valentines all month long.  The kids have so much fun decorating their mailboxes and really take pride in writing notes to everyone (my youngest draws pictures). Luckily, I spotted the perfect mini mailboxes in the dollar bins at the Target at Irvine Spectrum.   

Here are some other ideas:

xoxo, C


Sharlene said...

Why does everyone keep finding these mailboxes at their Target but me? Thats it, I am going to the Spectrum!

* TONYA * said...

I had a great time decorating our mailboxes from Target. They are proudly stuck to each of the kids bedroom walls ... not just for Valentine's day, but for all year round for me to leave little treats and notes for them.

Shar: would you like me to pick you up some

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