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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Light Displays in Orange County

Each year during the holidays, one of my family's absolutely most favorite holiday traditions is to drive around, looking at all the pretty lights. I'm a sucker for a good holiday light display & have been known to drag my family along for the (sometimes very long) drive. Wanting to find some new-to-me light extravaganzas, we asked YOU, our readers (on our Facebook page), to tell us where the BEST holiday light displays in Orange County were located. Thanks to all the comments & emails, we've got a list that will definitely keep my family, & hopefully yours, busy over the next week or so. Car Trip anyone?

Fountain Valley:
16801 Euclid (Mile Square Park. The actual neighborhood is located near Brookhurst St. & Heil Ave. You can drive through, or park at the park and walk the entire neighborhood.)

Kraemer and Birch (Eagle Hills neighborhood) *

Garden Grove:
12112 Wutzke St.

Laguna Hills:
25473 Nellie Gail Road *

Lake Forest:
22981 Belquest Dr. *
End of Blueberry Ln. *
23446 Bolivar St.
Cll El Toro Grande (Placemark 11)
24952 Greenbay Dr. *
Corner of Peacock & Thrush (Tim Bump's)
Rimrock St. (Placemark 10)
Rushford Dr.
Via Amistoso St. *
2nd St. *

7633 E. Saddlehill Trail *

Rancho Santa Margarita:
20 El Corzo *

* starred locations were recommended multiple times

For a Google Map of all Orange County locations go HERE.

xoxo, K

p.s. Is YOUR favorite holiday light display not on the list? Leave a comment or email us (justspotted@gmail.com) the address & we'll make sure to add it!


Dandy said...

Wow, I live in Lake Forest and that list is awesome!

JoAnn said...

went to Fountain Valley on Sunday night and it's about 1/3 of what it was in year's past. bummer.

Michele-Play Parks said...

Great list. I love your lists. We'll have to check these out this weekend. We like to get the kids in their pajamas all ready for bed - then surprise! We're heading out to see the lights.

Yvette said...

Just visited Red Hill and Olwyn neighborhood tonight, and it did not disappoint. Props to the people who recommended it, and thanks for posting.

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