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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Green Smoothie Girl at Belly Sprout

Have you ever heard of the Green Smoothie Girl? I hadn't, until I talked with Christy Funk of Belly Sprout. We just randomly, happened to meet at Baby Loves Disco. (Yep! After posting about Baby Loves Disco last week I had to check it out for myself, & I happy to report my kiddos & I loved it... but, more on that later.) Anyway, back to the Green Smoothie Girl.

So I have to admit, I was a bit put off at first, seriously, she's called the Green Smoothie Girl... I don't know, it just doesn't sound appetizing. But after hearing Christy rave about her, I decided to check her out for myself, & I think I'm in love. She promises (okay, she doesn't promise anything, but her "rather significant research says") following her "diet" results in better weight control, more energy, pretty skin & better sex (yes! I just said sex!).

The Green Smoothie Girl isn't anything like I expected. She describes herself as "a soccer mom. I wear mascara, jeans, big hoop earrings, and pedicured toenails. I use a razor in the shower. I flat-iron my salon-weaved hair. I go to the neighborhood BBQ, the family party, the church social - and I don't miserably sit in the corner with a plate of celery. I don't look or talk much like the earthy-crunchies."

I don't know about you, but she's sold intrigued me. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that the Green Smoothie Girl is doing a FREE clinic & demo at Belly Sprout, THIS Thursday, October 15th from 7-8pm. She will be teaching a class on how to get 15 serving of greens & fruits into your diet (& even your children's) every day. Quickly, painlessly & even better - inexpensively! Awesome! I have a hard enough time getting just one serving of veggies in sometime! I might have to do some juggling of the schedules, but I definitely want to check this one out. Maybe I'll see you there!

FREE Green Smoothie Girl Clinic
Belly Sprout in Fullerton
Thursday, October 15th 7-8pm

xoxo, K
image via Green Smoothie Girl


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