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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disneyland Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Qwendykay! With over 400 votes (of over 1,500 total votes) your Disney memory was chosen by our readers as the winner. Woot! Woot! Be sure to send your contact information to us at justspotted@gmail.com, ASAP - so we can hook you up! All of the memories were wonderful - We're so glad we didn't have to choose. Once again, here's Qwendykay's winning Disney memory:
I was named after Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. My brothers loved the story, and decided if I was a girl I should be called Wendy. (Also, my brother's threw me off the bunk bed when I was 1, to see if I could fly just like in Peter Pan after sprinkling me with dirt...aka fairy dust. Just in case you are curious... I can't fly. I landed with a thud that made my mother's heart stop beating. But I was fine.)A few months ago while standing in line to see the fairies at Disneyland, I told the children, I really hoped Tinkerbell wasn't there since she tried to shoot me out of the sky. I quickly relayed the story of Peter Pan, telling the children, that *I* was the real Wendy. They stared at me incredulously, and I told them that Tinkerbell and I have had a long feud for Peter's attention. However, I decided to grow up and become a mom, and Peter stayed in Never Never Land. It was time to make nice with Tinkerbell. One of the Disney people overheard me tell this story, and must have relayed it Tinkerbell.When she saw me she let out a shriek and said, "Wendy.. what are you doing here?" My son nearly fell over from shock, because Tinkerbell's outburst solidified the fact that I wasn't making this up. Tink & I chatted reminiscing about "old times" and I let her know I was there to make peace. She apologized profusely for trying to shoot me out of the sky. We hugged and took a picture. The kids LOVE it and STILL talk about it.
As for everyone else, thanks for playing along... we wish EVERYONE could join us for the holidays at Disneyland.

xoxo, C & K


laura said...

YAY wendy!!!!!! congratulations!!!

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