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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where in Orange County?

Let's play a little game... I'm going to post a picture taken somewhere in Orange County. You are going to guess where. The first person to comment or email us (justspotted@gmail.com) with the specific "where" correctly, will win a fabulous prize. Ready to play? This one is easy, possibly too easy... so, "Where in Orange County?"

xoxo, K

Congratulations Letti! You were the first non-anonymous person to guess correctly. This is a picture of the mosaic that wraps around the "Schmoozies" Place in Disney's California Adventure. Please contact us at justspotted@gmail.com to claim your prize! Thanks for playing everyone!


Julie said...

California adventure waterfall

Julie said...

Bench in CA Adventure

OCMomActivities - Katie said...

Fashion Island?

Jared said...

It is in California Adventure in a niche under "the agent"

Anonymous said...

Next to Shmoozies in DCA

melformosa said...

I think Fashion Island

Letti said...

DCA in the hollywood backlot area on the left hand side. I think its a smoothie place.

Amy said...

I love that mosaic! It is in Disney's California Adventure in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. It's on the left wall of Shmoozies (the smoothie place!) Or on your right side if you are headed towards Monster's Inc, and the Hollywood Backlot Stage.

Just Spotted said...

okay, lots of people were close (thanks for all the email entries too!). anonymous was actually the first correct guess, but they are anonymous. kind of hard to award a prize. so the prize is going to the next person who got it... letti.

It is a picture of the mosaic that wraps around the Shmoozie place in DCA.

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