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Monday, August 17, 2009

Sneak Peak: Pretend City

K and I were invited to Pretend City for a sneak peak at one of the most amazing children's museums I have ever seen. Pretend City is a wonderful addition to Orange County and offers educational exhibits for every child from the ages of 8 months to 8 years (those are the approximate age ranges of my children and there was something for everyone). One of my favorite aspects of the museum were the infant spaces that are located in areas where parents can keep an eye on older children as they play in the grocery store or drive a car around. K's boys seemed to take a liking to the tractors and farm. My boys loved being mailmen and buying groceries. The stage and dress-up area seemed to be very popular as well. Here are some reviews from the night:

"Let's go back tomorrow."
-a cute three year old

"That was amazing ."
-a cute seven year old

We had a wonderful night filled with imagination and learning, a parent's wish and a child's dream all come true all in one place, Pretend City. The museum opens to the public on August 30th, 2009, so mark your calendars!

xoxo, C&K


April Madigan said...

This looks like our new favorite hangout! Can't wait for it to open! Thanks for the find:)

OakMonster said...

This is wonderful! Will pass it on to my mom friends. :)

Allison said...

This place sounds so great - I can't wait to go.

Allison said...

P.S. How do you feel about the cost? Will it be worth the $40 it will cost for me and the 3 kids to go?

Shane Keener said...

While the cost seems to be a bit on the high side, I think it looks wonderful It's worth at least one visit to see if our son likes it.

Hopefully they will have some introductory pricing to show how great it is. Hint, hint. ;-)

xoxo, C said...

The admission price is comparable to the cost of a movie or an inside play area like jumpin jammin. Pretend City provides more of an educational environment, so that makes it worth it in my opinion.

My kids really did love it and there is something to do for a variety of ages.

Just Spotted said...

I totally agree with Coleen. Personally, I think the price is worth the admission. My kids would (& did) spend HOURS there. But I would suggest checking out their memberships... i think they are pretty reasonable, & you could honestly go once a week or every other week for sure. And if you get a membership for 4+, you can take advantage of a "members only" hour every day from 9am-10am!

xoxo, K

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