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Monday, August 3, 2009

Blondiensc's Guide to Whimsy Decor

Hello, my name is Tara and I write a silly ole blog called Blondiensc {Blondie ’n ‘ San Clemente}. Coleen so kindly invited me to write a little article about decorating with Whimsy, which happens to be a new element for me, so bare with me here!

My decorating style tends to be very eclectic, shabby and vintage. I incorporate a wide color palette and hope it all flows together, but I am a huge believer that you should buy and decorate with what you love…so here is where I started with my new favorite element Whimsy!

My Guest room is made up of mostly hammie down antique furniture, a bed I got on sale many years ago and my love of Chocolate brown paint and wainscoting. I added some whimsy to this room by hanging some old shutters found at a locale antique store above the bed.

I added a whimsical butterfly mobile to the corner of the room:

Another easy way to add whimsy is through decorative elements such as vintage books tied with your favorite color ribbon:

Or decorative figurines, like my ballerina:

Down stairs I added a handmade burlap welcome banner to the entry way of my house:

And an old window resides as fine art!

More books tied with hand printed ribbon & a vintage crown broach:

I adore vintage books with rough edges and inscriptions within it’s pages while a sweet little bee hive add whimsy to our front room table:

In our dining room we added ruffly linen chair covers & a vintage bird cage adorned with ceramic birds waiting to fly :

I also added vinyl letters & linen ribbon to the back of each chair:

Adding new elements to your design style keeps your house feminine and fresh.

Here are some shopping resources:
Nice and Easy Antiques~ San Clemente
Dreams of France
Lola B’s Boutique
Faded Plains
Feather your Nest
Posh Chicago
Sadie Olive
Urban Farmhouse
White Flower Farmhouse

Another inspiring place to go for amazing home décor are locale flea markets located in Long Beach, Irvine Valley College and Pasadena.

Please visit my blog for more silly stories and inspiration!
Sweet blessings~

Don't you love Tara's whimsy? I do. She has such a gift for adding beauty to everything she touches. Go check out her blog and dare to be inspired! She will definitely be in the running for the Life Style and Design for the 2009 OC Blog Awards.


Dawn (dandy) said...

Great ideas, your house is beautiful. Thank you so much for the store suggestions!

Heart2Heart said...

I love your beautiful and creative ideas. Some of these are so cute without spending a ton of money besides ribbon to tie around some books.

Love that idea and plan on incorporating that into my decorating plans.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

Love the Whimsy! Beautiful home and ideas- I love the idea of the ribbon around books- it looks gorgeous!

Gina said...

Wow, these are such beautiful idea. I especially love the vintage books tied together. Lovely post.

Simply Me Art said...

Well not just your style and wonderful Decorating ideas but your Wit keeps me coming back! Always Inspired by your Creativity, Humor and Wit! You have my Vote. xoxoxo, Jamie

Jackie said...

Lovely ideas Tara and thank you for the shop mention!!

Kasey said...

I love Tara's ideas and her blog.

maureen said...

all of your ideas are wonderful & your house is so cottage chic! love all the details!

Mommy-Wise said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely

William D. said...

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