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Thursday, July 2, 2009

phil & teds traveller: The Perfect Baby Cot for the Beach

K and I are big phil & teds fans. We both have the classic stroller and love, love, love them, so when faced with how to survive on the beach with a baby I knew that phil & teds would come to the rescue again with some great piece of baby gear. I went online and found that they have the Traveller, a durable aluminum cot weighing less than six pounds.

I am happy to report that I took the Traveller to the beach today and it meets all of my requirements: portable (less than six pounds!!!), protective (comes with a UV shade), and on sale (Costco has it for $99). The baby loved being able to roll around without being covered in sand and even took a long nap on the beach in her cute cot. Set-up takes five minutes and if I can do it anyone over the age of eight should be able to put it together in four minutes (just remember to put the top section together first before attaching it to the legs). Thanks phil & teds for another great piece of baby gear.

xoxo, C


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