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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Legoland for FREE.

Here's a little tip I picked up last week... during the last hour of operation at Legoland, you can actually get in FREE! For example, the day we went to Legoland, the park was open until 5pm. So, starting at 3:45 you can park for FREE. Then, all you have to do, is head on over to the gates & once the clock strikes 4pm, watch as they open the floodgates & let you waltz right in, at absolutely no cost to you! That's right, you can take the entire family to Legoland for FREE! That's quite a deal, even if it is only for an hour.

xoxo, K


Aracely said...

Thank you for sharing this!! A friend had mentioned this and I almost didn't believe her. Wohoo- thansk for comfirming this. We are heading over to the sealife aquarium next week and I will make sure to take the kids to Legoland for the last hour. Great tip!!

Rockin' Mama said...

That's AWESOME! Your tips are AWESOME!


Kayley said...

I live in Carlsbad & just went to Legoland today to do the last hour free & they are no longer doing it! Such a bummer! They are offering 50% off admission for the last 2 hours.(4-6pm) Just FYI! It was great while it lasted!

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