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Friday, May 8, 2009

Mommy Calling Cards

I remember my very first "real" job after college. I was working for the Southern California Tennis Association. Having just graduated college & now an official member of the working class, many things excited me... my first pay check, medical insurance, my lunch break. you know, all the perks of working a real 9-5er. But the most thrilling experience was my first set of business cards. I don't know why, but seeing my name imprinted on a tiny piece of cardstock made me feel like I had finally made it.

These days I don't work in an office, I don't meet with important clients who need to know all the possible means of contacting me & I don't have a fancy schmanchy title that looks impressive on cardstock. yet, I still have a business card (of sorts). I guess you could call it a "mommy card". Now before you laugh or scoff at the silliness of the idea, just take a moment & think about it. Think of all the times you have scrabbled in your purse looking for a scrap piece of paper so you can scribble down your number to give to someone - maybe it's that mom you've been chatting with weekly at the park, or a gal you hit it off with while waiting in the doctor's office. I have seriously been surprised at often my little cards have come in handy... printed with my name & all the relevant contact information, they are the perfect little card to have on hand. My current cards look similar to the ones i have pictured, which I ordered from Kacey at Doodle Bugs Stationary, & I absolutely love them. But, you could always make yourself some mini-cards over at Moo, or do-it-yourself... check out THIS FREE downloadable PDF. The super-cute patterned cards are designed to work with the Avery pre-cut business cards. How easy is that?

xoxo, K
image via
Doodle Bugs Stationary


Jen from Tiny Oranges said...

These are SOOOOOO cute!

Kristin said...

Ok, I totally did a post on this very thing today! Too funny. : ) Just because we aren't traditional career gals anymore doesn't mean we don't have things to share! And I think calling cards are the perfect way to pass along our info. Love the ones you chose! Check out my Etsy find. : )

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