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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eating at Disneyland

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I just don't know what good food tastes like. But, I actually think a lot of the food at the Disneyland Resort is quite tasty. Here are some of our family's favorite places & treats to eat within in the parks...

Disneyland Park
* Surprising, I think the Fruit Stands scattered throughout the park always have delicious, fresh & healthy offerings. You can find fruit stands on Main Street, inside Adventureland right next to the Jungle Cruise, & across from Splash Mountain.
* Near the end of Main Street, right by the Plaza Inn, is the Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart. My pick? A corn dog & apple slices, but you can also get chips if you'd prefer.
* Bengal BBQ inside Adventureland. My favorites are the Bengal Beef Skewer, the Chieftain Chicken Skewers & those yummy bacon wrapped asparagus skewers.
* River Belle Terrace, also in Adventureland-ish, has a tasty prime rib sandwich if you're in the mood.
* & Quite possibly the most refreshing treat at Disneyland (the Dole Whip & Float) can be found at the Tiki Juice Bar, & fairly cheap too!
* Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square, has that delicious Monte Cristo Sandwich that the Blue Bayou is famous for, without the reservations.
* Across the way, the Royal Street Veranda has wonderful soup bowls (clam chowder, steak gumbo & vegetarian gumbo) but the fritters are to die for!
* Inside Frontierland, the Stage Door Cafe is our favorite for fried foods. Awesome chicken tenders (they have a really good honey mustard sauce), fish & chips and mozzarella strips. They also serve funnel cake - one of the best desserts ever!
* Also in Frontierland, the Mexican place Rancho del Zocalo Resaurante has a wonderful tostada salad & a great hacienda chicken ceasar salad.
* Redd Rockett's Pizza Port, located in Tomorrowland, has some good (but greasy) pizza, decent pastas (my favorite is the chicken fusilli), & some yummy salads (try the asian chicken salad).
* & You definitely don't want to miss the churros & turkey legs... located throughout the park.

For all of the Disneyland Restaurants "at a glance" go HERE, for entire menus, go HERE.

California Adventure
* Looking for a hot dog? Then Award Wieners, in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, is your place.
* Another place to find those yummy chicken fingers, fish & chips and mozzarella strips is the Bountiful Valley Farmer's Market, outside "A Bug's Land".
* Right across the way, is the only place inside either of the two parks (to my knowledge) that you can get a milkshake... Sam Andreas Shakes.
* On the Pacific Wharf, my favorite is the Pacific Wharf Cafe. Sandwiches, bread bowls, but I LOVE the Sonoma Chicken & Apple Salad. Yum!
* Craving Corn Dogs? Head on over to the Corn Dog Castle near the Paradise Pier.
* & If you want something cool on a hot summer day, ice cream & homemade waffle cones can be found at Burr-r-r Bank Ice Cream. & The lines aren't usually as long as the ones you'll find at the Main Street Cone Shop.

For all of the California Adventure Restaurants "at a glance" go HERE, for entire menus, go HERE.

Hope I haven't made you too hungry.

xoxo, K


Michele-Play Parks said...

Great tips. Think I gained 10 pounds reading it. Funnel cake - yum! I've always wondered if about that corn dog cart. They must be good - the line is always long.

DaytrippingMom said...

Awesome post. Like Michele I've never tried the corn dog cart. I'mg going to have to now. One of my faves is the yummie turkey legs. They are right across from the Mark Twain loading area and El Zocalo. Delish!!

Linda said...

Oh man I can't even go in California Adventures without getting one of those humongous corn dogs; they're dangerously yummy. I definitely want to try the Monte Cristo in New Orleans Square now - haven't tried it yet but I've been hearing a lot about it.

Sharlene said...

My absolute fav to eat at the two parks is the Pacific Wharf Cafe. Those salads ad bread bowls are huge and quite reasonable for a theme park. Now I really want a clam chowder bread bowl....

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Half the fun of Disneyland is eating all of the yummy food. My favorites are Bengal BBQ and beneighs in Downtown Disney.

joanh said...

I like the soup bowls (pricey but good) near Pirates that you listed, but i'll totally have to look this up the next time we go to Disneyland!

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