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Monday, March 30, 2009

How to get on American Idol

or how to get tickets to American idol and have your face seen on T.V. K and C were able to go to American Idol last week and it was a great Mom's night out. Kelly was actually seen on T.V. for a few brief seconds and you could see my side profile for a nano-second.

Here are my tips:

1) Get on the waiting list for tickets because it takes about a year to get them
2) Dress hip. If you are a Mom and thirty I recommend hot jeans, a trendy accessory, and a cute dark top.
3) Leave signs at home if you want to be seated near the front
4) Make an obnoxious signs if you want to have a conversation with the stage manager and not get on T.V.
5) Bring extra money for snacks for waiting in line

Other than that my advice is just enjoy yourself and take advantage of living so close to L.A. It really was a memorable night. I loved being able to see the stage, judges, and hearing Joss Stone and Stevie Wonder live. The best part was that it was all free, you can't beat that.

xoxo, C


Tamara Mitchell said...

Wow...thanks for the heads up! I am in SoCal and I do want to go watch the show!

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