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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flat tire at Disneyland?

This tip isn't exactly earth-shattering. But if you've packed up all the kids, & headed over the "Magic Kingdom", only to get there & realize the tire on your stroller is flat... well then you'll thank me. Because this exact thing happened to me last week. Luckily, Disneyland has got you covered. If your tires are feeling a bit low just head on over to the stroller & wheelchair rental kiosk located just inside the main entrance of both Disneyland & California Adventure. There you can ask the happy employees to fill your tire(s) with the much needed air.

So like I already said, not the most exciting of Disneyland tips. But I can't even begin to imagine having to push a kid (or two) around all day in a stroller with a flat tire... definitely, not my idea of fun. So, when you are in need, remember to head on over to the stroller & wheelchair rental.

xoxo, K
image via disneyland magic


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