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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chick's Sporting Goods Sale

A while back, Dick's Sporting Goods bought out Chick's Sporting Goods. As part of the "conversion" process, they are starting to clear merchandise out of the stores at incredible prices. Last night the family & I headed over the Tustin location, & let me tell you... I was amazed. This year's Ski & Snowboard gear and apparel is on sale, starting at 40% & going up to 75% off. Workout clothes, shoes, casual wear - lots on sale, with more going on sale every day.

Find your nearest Chick's location HERE. Although, you might want to call & make sure your nearest location is also on sale - from what I understand, they are taking it a few stores at a time. I know for a fact, that merchandise at the Tustin location is getting marked down every day, but I can't speak for any surety regarding any of the other locations.

xoxo, K


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