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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prenatal Yoga in Orange County

My belly is growing bigger daily, my body is starting to ache a bit more & my "normal" exercise routine is getting more uncomfortable daily. Luckily, one aspect of of exercise regime doesn't have to change... my yoga practice. In fact prenatal yoga is often encouraged because it helps you learn to breathe deeply & relax - something that will come in handy in the next the couple of months!

Baby Center has some great tips regarding prenatal yoga: "Seek out an instructor who is specifically trained in prenatal yoga, but if that's not possible, make sure your instructor knows you're expecting... Be aware, that your slowly expanding girth will affect your sense of balance. Don't try to hold poses for a long time, and remember to sink into yoga positions slowly & carefully to avoid injury. Take your time and don't overdo it. During the second-trimester avoid lying flat on your back now, too, to keep blood flowing properly to your uterus."

Looking for something you can do from home? Check out THESE yoga poses that are recommending during pregnancy, or try THIS DVD.

When it comes to yoga studios, Orange County has lots to offer. Here's a list of local studios that offer specific prenatal yoga classes. However, if you can't find a class nearby, call your local studio, more than likely their instructors are trained in prenatal yoga adaptations.

Costa Mesa:
Yoga Center, (949)646-8281
Yoga Works, (949)642-7400

Triad Yoga & Pilates, (949)724-1479
Yoga Shakti Wellness Center, (949)856-9642

Laguna Beach:
Yoga Works, (949)415-0955

Lake Forest:
Orange County Yoga Studio, (949)307-9517

Mission Viejo:
Yoga Works, (949)380-9642

Newport Beach:
Yoga Works, (949)640-9642

Yoga in the Hills, (714)289-2248

Soul at Home, (714)573-7685

xoxo, K


xoxo, C said...

I love the Prenatal Yoga Works class on Saturday mornings. It is the best!

Pattie Cordova said...

I did Bikram Yoga in Costa Mesa during my pregnancy - it felt great!

Anonymous said...

Lauren at Cloud 9 Yoga in Huntington Beach is amazing. She's so compassionate & is also in training to be a birth doula & eventually a midwife. She truly loves helping pregnant women find peace & calm during a miraculous time in their lives. Check her out on Monday, Tuesday, & Friday at 10:30.

dana said...


my name is Dana Sara. I have been teaching yoga for over 28 years. I have been teaching pre-natal yoga for 13 years.
I have two children of my own, amazing pregnancies and deliveries. Labor for my son was less than an hour.

I have opened a yoga/martial arts school in Laguna Beach,
White Lotus Yoga at Cho's Academy.

I am offering a pre-natal series Feb 26, March 5, 12 19 and a Pre-natal RETREAT at Spa Montage March 24-27.

I would like to be included in this
Can you let me know how to move forward together.

Health and Happiness

Dana Sara

dana said...


White Lotus Yoga at Cho's Academy
is on 1966 South Coast Highway in
Laguna Beach, 92651



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