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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pooka Children's Clothing

I'm loving the new-to-me kid's clothing company Pooka. First of all they are a local Orange County company, & you know, I always love that! Besides that, they create "stylish & unique quality clothing that's good for people and the planet we call home." Pooka promises that their clothes are:
* 100% Organic Cotton
* Made in the USA - Sweatshop Free
* Low-impact dyed
* Phthalate & PVC-free screen-printed
* Tagless, Durable & Washing Machine Friendly
* A portion of each sale is donated to charity

But you want to know what I really love about Pooka? That two of the founders/ designers are kids! Yep, you read that right. Pooka Children's Clothing was started (& is primarily designed by) Marien a second grader, her brother Bailey (who is in the 4th grade) & their mom Andrea. I can't wait to pick up a t-shirt (or two) for my little guys!

xoxo, K
images via pooka.


Anonymous said...

While I LOVE supporting green businesses and family businesses, I don't know how anyone could in good conscience support Andrea Guevara Higham. She stole her children from there loving adoring father unjustifiedly because she and he have different world outlooks. She is causing mental damage to her beautiful children with her 'my way or the highway' approach to parenting. Children need their daddy's; especially one's that love their babies as much as Andrea's ex-husband loves his! So while she is in theory doing good things, there is a dark and angry side to Andrea Guevara Higham that I cannot support.

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