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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is your market "Fresh & Easy"?

So have you checked out your local Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market yet? With 81 stores located in California, Arizona & Nevada, and more opening nearly every day, there's bound to be one close by. (For your nearest market location, go HERE.)

Not quite sure what the "Fresh & Easy" markets are all about? Well here's the 411, in their own words: "Smaller than the usual supermarket, our neighborhood sized stores are easily accessible and offer everything from everyday staples to gourmet items. Lots of fresh and wholesome food choices, including prepared meals and organic foods, make healthy eating easy and affordable. In particular, our own fresh&easy™ line of products has no added trans fats and no artificial colors or flavors. And with our in store Kitchen Table you can taste our products before you buy them. The simple packaging and labels on our private brand helps you see exactly what you're bringing home – great food you can trust."

Basically, it's the place where you can pick up fruits & veggies that are (more often than not) grown locally, purchase organic (as well as delicious) prepared meals, & grab a bag or two of Doritos. Kind of like a Trader Joe's with a few other necessary items (like Lunchables & Coke).

& the highlight of every shopping trip for my boys? That they can help scan all of our purchases... although, I love that someone else is still there to bag them all up for me.

Hope you love Fresh & Easy as much as I do.

xoxo, K
image via Fresh & Easy.


Amber said...

We are getting so many new stores here in LV. I like this store especially for all the fresh fruits and veggies!

Play Park Mom said...

Look for $5 off coupons for purchases of $20 or more. They flood my mailbox. Their mailers also have simple menu/recipe ideas! Just a warning - I've found some items, like bread, are only good for that day or a few days after you purchase. That's why they are so fresh! I believe it's built upon the European model where you shop everyday for your meals. And it definitely makes a difference in the quality.

momof3crazykids-Val said...

I'm in TX but while visiting family in AZ this summer, I think I went to Fresh and Easy at least 8 times. Love that store! Wish we had them here.

Fifi Flowers said...

I have not been to Fresh & Easy yet... one is about to open soon near my house... I can't wait to check it out... I hope it is wonderful... it is much close than Trader Joe's... although I cannot give up TJs... LOVE IT!
And I'm with you... I want someone else to check and bag!
ENJOY your weekend!

Holly said...

I've been a few times and for a quick and easy meal for that night...it's perfect, but yes I learned the hard way that their food does not have a long shelf life! They also have pre-packaged organic school lunches.

stick it in your ear said...

i was soooo disappointed!! i couldn't wait for this market to come into town. love the concept! but what, oh what is up with the individually wrapped veggies?? not only is it wasteful but when we got everything home 1/2 of the veggies were bad because we couldn't feel the items (and moisture build up was a huge build up). serious bummer. and yeah... shelf life dates... watch out!

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