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Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Pollo

You know the old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover"? Remember that the first time you go go to Super Pollo. It's pretty much a "hole-in-the-wall". There are three maybe four tables inside, parking is limited, & truth be told, from the outside, it's not a pretty sight. But you just have to trust me on this one, Super Pollo is incredible. They do Mexican food, specializing in grilled & roasted chicken... basically they are an authentic version of El Pollo Loco. Super Pollo offers whole, half & quarter chicken combos as well as chicken, carne asada, or fish burritos, quesadillas, tacos & more. My personal favorite? The Super Chicken Quesadilla. It's HUGE. They start with a tortilla add grilled chicken, Monterey & Cheddar cheese, then load it up with fresh salsa, guacamole & lettuce. It's less of a quesadilla, and more of a very flat burrito. I'm getting hungry just typing about it.

Really & truly, if you've never been, you really need to check out Super Pollo. They do breakfast, lunch & dinner and everything on the menu is available for take-out. The prices are great, the portions are huge & EVERYTHING is delicious. Yum!

Super Pollo
1731 Superior Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

xoxo, K


Anonymous said...

I love super pollo...it's super good!! It does look like a hole in the wall, but it is delicious!!

Sharon said...

gosh I had forgot all about Super Pollo, I used to eat there all the time when I worked down the road. Mmm, might have to make a trip up to Costa Mesa for a trip down memory lane........

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