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Monday, August 18, 2008

Back 2 School: All About Me

My oldest is starting preschool this year. I'm a bit excited & terrified all at the same time. In an effort to make this new transition go as smooth as possible, I going to prepare an "All About Me" card for his teacher. I got the idea from Laurie last year. With so many new faces & personalities to get to know, I love the idea of giving his teacher a little jump start on getting to know my little guy. I'm haven't decided which approach I'm going to take yet... a simple Word Document, similar to what Laurie does would be quick & easy. I might do something similar to THIS poster, although it would probably be more fun for an older child because they could actually do it themselves. Or, maybe some of THESE printables might do the trick. However it's packaged, as long as it provides basic information about my guy, a little bit about his personality & what makes him tick, I think (& hope) his teacher will find it helpful.

xoxo, K


emily kate said...

I'm a 2nd grade teacher and those are the exact posters I give my students to fill out and bring back for their star student week!

Umberto said...

At first blush this sounds like a wonderful idea. The teacher now has context through which to begin a relationship with a child.

However, I am a little concerned that it might stunt the independent creative growth of kids. A pre-school age kid is still in a highly formative stage. That kid can go to pre-school and begin forging her own identity. But, if a parent sends the kid to school and provides the teacher with a little biography, the kid is no longer forging her own identity but rather being pigeon-holed by the parent and teacher who are working on the same expectations. Although the idea is stellar, in practice I think the kid might be better off if she went in with a clean slate and got to be who she wants to be. And not bounded by any expectations from the parents.

i'm kelly said...

umberto - you make a great point. thanks so much for adding to the discussion! you are totally correct. school really is one of the places where children begin to "forge" their own identity. & i definitely don't want to stunt their creativity, or establish preconceived ideas about them.

that being said, in my mind (& i obviously should have clarified it better) the "all about me" would be filled with generic information... name, nickname, favorite foods/sports/activities, etc., maybe one thing they are excited about for school. in truth, i think it's more an exercise for me and my little guy. he is a bit nervous about going to school, because it's such a new experience for him. when i mentioned the idea of writing a letter to his teacher, so she would "get to know him" he seemed more comfortable.

i never had any intention of providing a complete, or even partial, biography. i realize that in Laurie's example she does provide quite a bit of information regarding the personality of her son, but she is in a totally different situation. her son is autistic, and after lots of trial and error i think she has come to the realization that providing this information can ease the transition of starting a new school year with a new teacher for her son.

again, thanks umberto for your comment. i definitely agree that a child should start the year of with a clean slate and not be be bound by any expectations. thanks for bring this up!

xoxo, K

Umberto said...

K, I like your approach, using the "All About Me" to help prepare your child for entry into school. Additionally, I like that you are including him in the process to make sure that the "All About Me" represents who he wants to be.

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