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Friday, July 11, 2008

That's not my...

On our weekly trip to Barnes & Noble I spotted one of my favorite children's touch & feel books. I first picked them up in Dublin & then I found a few more in London, but this was the first time I had seen them for sale in the good old US of A. I love the colorful illustrations and the great use of adjectives & my boys love all the different textures. Our current favorite title is That's not my dinosaur, its body is too squashy, but there's also That's not my car... its windows are too shiny, & loads of other titles. Check out all the books HERE.

xoxo, K


Tina said...

Some good friends of ours have all of these books and every time we are at their house their little one wants to read one of them! They are soooo great. My daughter loves going to their house to read them too. I think they have been for sale in MN for some time now! Didn't know they were not widely available!

Amanda K said...

I love children's books! Thanks for the fun recommendation!

heather said...

luke loves his "that's not my car" book and even reads it to me now. well...maybe not read! it.

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