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Monday, July 28, 2008

On the Road, with Kids

Here are the top ten things I like to bring on a long road trip with the kids (in no particular order):

I use BBQ tongs as an arm extension to pass back snacks or toys to the kids when I am driving by myself. At first my kids thought I was crazy until they realized that I no longer dropped their snacks and could effectively pass things to them.

There is nothing that makes a long ride go faster than a great story and I love playing audiobooks during car trips. When we listened to Harry Potter last summer no one wanted to stop for lunch.

3) Games

Car Bingo, Leapster, and Brain Quest are just some of our favorite games to have in the car.

4) Music

The ipod is a must for a road trip and I try to load up music that will please the masses. From Radiohead for my husband to Raffi for the kids, the ipod allows me to create the perfect playlist for any trip.

5) Wipes/Paper Towels

Messes seem to be more frequent on the road, so I like to have a box of wipes and a roll of paper towels handy.

6) Snacks

Fruit leather and goldfish seem to always make it on our trips.

7) First Aid Kit

8) Small Cooler for Drinks

9) DVD Player

Happy Travels!

xoxo, C

image via flickr


Ashley said...

This is a great post! I'll have to keep those tips in mind! Great blog!!!

Danielle said...

The tongs are too much! That is so funny and such a good idea, why haven't I thought of that before? It would be much safer then what most of us do while driving and passing toys and fruit snack bags to the third row!

eRiCa said...

BBQ tongs..that's GENIUS! I always seem to forget the portable potty though...ugh!

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