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Monday, June 9, 2008

Teacher's Gifts

Its that time of year again to think of a gift for your favorite teacher(s). Here are a few ideas:

xoxo, C

image via here.


Barbara & Morris said...

am a teacher...best gifts I have gotten are:
1. Gift certificate to local mall(everyone gave a little and it made for a good amount) I bought myself a beautiful bracelet and the kids all knew that they got it for me!
2. Gift certificate to local teacher store. (Putting a book note to say who the purchase is from)
3. Gift certificate to restaurants or Movie tickets.
4. Least favorite... Bath products and candles!!
(To personal)
5. Best all time gift for a teacher is a personal letter from the parents telling you all the wonderful things you did for their child:)
Fondly, Barbara (kindergarten teacher)

Kristen said...

i got my son's teacher the beach set that you suggested, and added a gift card for Barnes and Noble.

thanks for the awesome idea!

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