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Monday, June 16, 2008

Mom Essentials for the Beach

1. A Cute Swimsuit

2. The Wonder Wheeler Plus
The cart is like a huge stroller for all of your beach gear. I can successfully wheel a cooler, boogie board, towels, and beach toys on my own without much effort. I spotted the Wonder Wheeler for sale at a local CVS in Mission Viejo.

3. A Stylish Beach Blanket

xoxo, C


i'm kelly said...

oh!!! that suit is to die for coleen! i'll start saving my pennies, maybe one of these days i'll spy it at the nordstrom rack. i'm crossing my fingers hoping that aren't too many ladies wanting to be modest in the oc, & then i can get it on sale!

Melissa said...

4. A body that looks like the model in essential number 1. That would be nice.

Shannon said...

Oh how I would love to have a beach nearby. Okay, well we do, but it is a salt water LAKE and the sand is covered (and I do mean COVERED) with little black bugs and it smells like brine shrimp! I'm gagging just thinking about it! I guess those same essentials work for the pool, though! ;)Cute bathing suit, btw!

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