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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Martha Saves Dinner

I have been in a cooking funk. I am out of new ideas and all my old recipes seem boring. I knew that I needed help when we had guacamole and popcorn for dinner last week. Luckily, I found Dinner Tonight, a great blog from Martha Stewart devoted to simple and yummy recipes. There are so many great ideas: a Broccoli Sandwich (pictured), Tortilla Soup, and even a ball-game buffet. The photos are enticing and the recipes are easy, so I may be able to eat my way out of this cooking funk with a little help from Dinner Tonight.

xoxo, C


Danielle said...

My answer to "What's for dinner tonight?" has come in the form of a subscription to Cook's Country. It's awesome! It has eight "30 min supper" ideas in each monthly issue plus many other great recipes--sides, salads, desserts, cookies, random info. $19.95 for the year--everything I make has turned out well!

Deb Puchalla said...

Glad to hear you're liking what we do at Everyday Food (and at Dinner TOnight). Love your site--and the Phil and Ted's stroller has saved my sanity!

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